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As quick last minute final entry for this week I would like to turn your eyes to the small Central American country which holds a special place in my heart, Costa Rica, and its struggles in the animation industry.

Costa Rica has had a somewhat unimpressive animation industry though not for lack of trying; in fact the few animation companies that exist in this small country do constantly find work in marketing for local and international businesses settled in the country; Yet despite the many attempts and a few animation schools some of them part of private universities, Ticos (costaricans) have found very little success in artistic venues. Those that do find success have done so by migrating outside the country and seeking fame in countries more appreciative of animation as a viable form of art and entertainment; this however has not stopped ticos both young and ....... less young, from pushing whatever creative projects they can under extremely limited resources.

Some of these youngsters and slightly less youngsters have utilized said short films as a vehicle to seek their path to other nations.

While the work is understandably less impressive than anything from Ringling, SCAD, Cal Arts, etc. it does display the bounding potential which some of its creators have managed to reach but which, unfortunately, and as stated have been required to go elsewhere to do so.

In all due fairness there are a few government programs that attempt to improve and push forward said talent, however they are lacking in support and, more often than not, achieve little to nothing.

The enthusiasm of ticos to push beyond their limits and reach the heights of their heroes like Disney and Ghibli is matched only by their amiable demeanor and the ever present philosophy to live life to the fullest emphasized in their overtly positive catchphrase " pura vida" (pure life).

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