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I have to confess I was entirely wrong about this. The new Netflix series “ Green Eggs and Ham” produced by Gulfstream Pictures, A Stem Talking To, A Very Good Production and Warner Bros Animation, seemed to me to be yet another butchering of Dr. Zeus and I was ready to go and help him roll back around in his grave. Though I ought to be given some leniency in believing this to be the case, considering the stream of less than impressive, and in some cases outright horrid, film adaptations of books written by said esteemed author.

For such reason, much as the books protagonist I had reservations on giving something new (this series) a chance; yet that changed thanks to valid arguments and statements by my professor Chris Gallagher and those I read of a Youtube internet critic known as Cellspex.

Taking their observations into consideration I have thus far binge watched the first seven episodes and to say I am impressed and much hyped about this series is an understatement.

The series forgoes becoming an adaptation and instead opts to act as point of entry into a Dr. Zeus universe via the two main characters putting them in a distinctly different adventure with elements that call back to the original text and other of Dr. Zeus books.

The series thus is in fact is a buddy road trip comedy, where Guy, a down on his luck pessimistic, failed inventor is trying to get to a city where he plans to abandon his passion for inventing and take on the profession of paint watcher and Sam I Am a hyperactive, ultra-optimistic, can do attitude adventurer is trying to return a Chickeraffe to its natural habitat, and through a series of events they end up as travel buddies while being chased by professional bad guys as well as the authorities, for the theft of the Chickeraffe.

Through them we see the various landscapes and cultures that inhabit this very extraordinary world and how it all functions; the imaginative mechanics and illogical physics of it all guarantees that even watching paint dry becomes an engaging experience.

While some of the previous Dr. Zeus book adaptations did manage to recreate, at least in part, some of the aesthetic of Dr. Zeus’s works this one, in my opinion, does it far more accurately as it not just looks and behaves but also seems to evolve like a Dr. Zeus universe would, as there are scenes that could only be accomplished through the careful study of his works and then filled an accurate progression or behavior not mentioned in the works themselves.

In summary while Green Eggs and Ham are offered, the series has an entire banquet on its plate and it’s a feast for kings, a delicacy that will satisfy any palate regardless of age and to the young minds and the elders who have yet to pick up any of the Doctors works, it can act as a way to get them interested and take up a copy rather than run away in fear like some adaptations have caused people to do.

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