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If you do not wish this to be spoiled for you, I recommend you watch the film on the following link , prior to reading the rest of the blog.


Please note that these are my views on this film with the only research done on it being the viewing of the short itself.

The film is a finely rendered 2:33 short, about a robot who is cast to the trash after failing to adhere to the desired mold, this mold being defined by a specifically shaped hole in a tempered glass, the character (who is not given a name), is thus tossed down to the depths of the unspecified factory, were others that look like her and are likewise marked with a female sign labor until their eventual death turning the wheels of the factory and feeding the fires with the corpses of their dead.

She sees another of her kind pounding on the glass wall trying in vain to break through, but the protagonists sign glows determination fills her and turning the sign into a staff she attacks the wall. Though her initial attack fails it inspires others who, together, are able to break through and claim their rightful place in their world.

The film has obvious strong symbolism regarding women and the chauvinistic segregation towards their gender casting them aside to be little else than breeding machines or for menial jobs, both of which are represented by being forced to labor on the engines that produce the others of their kind. It is also wise to denote how one being alone cannot promote change, and that there are others that will have tried and failed; instead it asserts the importance of being a leader, being someone that inspires others to push for change the welfare of all and to lead not from behind but too lead by example.

In overall the film is expertly crafted storytelling, and will look forward to other works by the director.

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