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Jamaal Bradley

Animated shorts are a product of love and the need for artist to push their creative boundaries; in many cases they are just a way to stay active in the creative world but in the majority they’re done out of an artists need for expression, be it either just something silly and entertaining and others such as Jamaal Bradley’s “Substance”, they are an expression, a call to attention of social issues.

In this short, a man is visited by his brother and niece. While playing with the girl, meth falls out of the brother’s pockets.

Michael Yates

A 5min 18 sec short film written and directed by Jamaal Bradley and co-written by Michael Yates. This little gem of a film is an epitome of simplicity and complexity combined. A simple story, a scene that starts out as a little piece of life and tumbles into a complicated social issue of family, drugs. How far will we go to provide for those we love, in a world where the dream of a better life is hard to achieve? and will that cost us and those we love?

The film offers a simple and hopeful answer, a message to those that will listen, let go of fear, trust those that love and care for you and things will get better somehow.

The animation is beautiful, the character designs simple, able to express comedy and the serious drama that ensues. While the characters don’t speak, there is a song and music that matches the emotional state of the animation in some cases even appearing that the characters themselves are the ones vocalizing the song.

A great film and a definite must watch, if anything else for a bit of hope.

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