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When internet came along, many predictions were made regarding its present and future potential. One of the predictions was concerning the entertainment industry, claiming we would one day watch movies through the web.

This, of course, is our current reality, but it is to wonder how far it may eventually come to. While the advent of television and later cable television did not kill “the film going experience”, it did diminish it. yet films were still being made for theaters and then later passed on to television and cable.

With online streaming, however, that may change in a great part, as online streaming services eliminate a lot of the marketing required for theater release, thus it makes it an enticing prospect for production studios with respect to films for which they do not have much faith that will sell sufficient theater seats.

Paramount has already taken advantage of this new market and has started creating movies for online streaming, and now Sony is considering joining the game through its release of He Man Masters of the Universe as exclusively through Netflix. While it’s still too early to note if or not Sony will proceed in this direction, which has been in production practically since the last movie bombed in 1987.

Although it has been confirmed that Noah Centineo will play the iconic He-Man, very little information has been given about the film; Even so, Sony has staked its claim for a release date on March of 2021 though no certainties that the movie will even be in production by such date.

That said the fact that the option of even releasing it straight to online streaming is even on the table gives to question whatever faith Sony may have on the film, in accordance to what they currently may have in form of preproduction. It also denotes that more and more film production companies are going to start considering online streaming over theater release and while it’s doubtful this new source of competition to theater companies will kill the “theater going experience”, it’s certainly going to change it.

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