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The strange thing about 3D animators is that, despite being in the medium that pushed out 2D, we constantly dream of the return of traditional 2D to theaters and jump up in glee, at the slightest hint that there may be some 2D production out there pushing to bring it back.

Directed by Sergio Pablos Klaus and written by Sergio Pablos, Zach Lewis and Jim Mahoney, Klaus is a Spanish production by SPA studios and distributed by Netflix.

A trailer that came out recently and gave us a glance at the astounding quality of this film. The story in itself feel both original and cliched but then again you can’t expect a Christmas film to be without its usual tropes, with language very much of our times that will likely show its age in about a decade, and the usual, new comer to a town that starts a chain reaction of changes that will eventually make everyone’s life better but that riles up the population because they don’t want to change yet eventually they do and see how wrong they were… again cliche but a good kind of cliche.

The story is yet another Santa origin story, which is always a very interesting in my own opinion, I love seeing what sort of original ideas people come up to describe the origins or general ways of this magical and fantastic being. The twist, however, is that its not a story about Santa but rather a postman, who discovered Klaus’s talent for toy making and offered to be his postman, and the troubles this postman has to endure in a town that is basically the personification of the Grinch, though without the hair and the green… just very mean people, that’s what they mean people… no reason just mean.

While I considered the music score played throughout the trailer to be rather off for a Christmas story trailer…… yeah Im listening to that song as I write this.

What can I say about the animation but SPECTACULAR …. Spectaculariffic??…. Superacular???….Amazocular??....... its really good.

There are many videos on YouTube showing their animation process and even if you’re not in the animation industry check them out, it will give you a better insight on the tedious process and many layers of animation production.

Unfortunately, and while I don’t believe myself presumptuous in stating this will be a Christmas classic based solely on the trailer, the high hopes we have that this will be the film to bring back 2D to the theaters are ill put. The film will have a very limited release and it will only be in theaters 1 week before its available for watch on Netflix.

Nonetheless this film deserves every bit of support it can get, and I do highly recommend it for a casual watch cuddled with your loved ones, regardless of what you celebrate, this film is bound to exemplify the universal message of love and peace on Earth to all.

Watch the trailer at

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