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Telecommuting has more and more been taking on as a viable option in office related workplace, the costs that come from renting and maintaining and office environment are a significant weight in a company’s yearly expenses, as is transportation and commuting costs for employees, not to mention, nourishment which often comes as a quick meal from the nearby fast food locale.

Telecommuting would reduce many of these costs allowing a company to reduce cost of production and allocate earnings to higher wages and the expansion and improvement of the business. Studies have also shown that telecommuters tend to be happier at their job and are even more willing to work overtime, establishing that this workplace method provides the employee with a higher degree of morale.

However, telecommuting does convey certain problems, specifically for artists in the animation industry. The necessity to maintain constant and effective communication and back and forth, on the moment, feedback is integral to the quick turnaround of a production; a simple change in story or assets would in turn affect a large number of shots and significantly delay production; Also an animation studio may require its animators to have access to various technologies and instruments for a specific project, which they may otherwise not have access to at their homes.

Still, by addressing part or all those issues, having a thorough pre-production phase to eliminate in as much a possible any production issues and using the vast array of sources available in the web, such as using the cloud for sharing and storage of files, video conference with screen share for meeting and review of shots, online project management programs and others, telecommuting would provide a good variable for small independent production companies, allowing them to be competitive and dispensing with large part of the costs, and permitting them to hire artists from anywhere in the globe which may assist in the growth of the company itself by promoting the company in their respective countries eventually promoting those employees and establishing a worldwide network.

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