Hasbro, known for some of the most memorable 80’s children toy franchises such as He-man She-ra, Transformers, My little pony, G.I.Joe, etc. Has had strong success bringing Transformers to the big screen, however the final installment in the Transformer’s series titled “the Last knight” was a box office disappointment with Hasbro loosing over $100 million. Yet the soft reboot/ spin-off Bumblebee, has revived confidence in the series under a new direction with a planned buddy style Optimus and Bumblebee film.

By purchasing the Power Rangers brand from Saban on a $522 million deal in 2018, there is speculation that Hasbro is setting up a shared universe could see the Power Rangers teaming up with the Transformers.

Hints of this have already been floating around the entertainment industry for several years with the possible inclusion of other Hasbro properties being included in this cinematic universe such as M.A.S.K., G.I. Joe, Micronauts, Visionaries, etc.

The challenge Hasbro faces of course is that which others have faced before, while Marvel succeeded in its cinematic Universe through a series of trial and errors that preceded the current MCU, by establishing an identity, introducing each character and letting them develop in their own films before bringing them together. Marvel managed to create a loyal fan base that became invested in the progression of the films and the speculation of how they would eventually tie together.

Yet others have struggled at being able to replicate this formula, primarily because of a noted rush in their attempt to catch up to marvel, forgoing character development and the establishment of a dedicated fan base.

An example of this are Universal Studios Dark Universe, their intent on a cinematic Universe cluttered their first step in that direction The Mummy (2017) by cluttering their first film with the notion of said monster universe and not allowing their first character to stand on his own. While their next film The Invisible man is still to be considered in cannon with this Dark Universe, it is speculated that it will be less forceful in its portrayal as such.

Fortunately for Hasbro, both Transformers and Power Rangers have a dedicated fan base that have allowed them to be some of the longest running franchises and while this does not in itself guarantee box office success it would facilitate the conception of a shared universe.