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Born and raised in Costa Rica’s “Pura Vida” life philosophy, I became enamored with art as soon as I could grab a crayon but unlike many children, I didn’t let it go.  

Costa Rica’s culture fueled my love for art, and I became addicted to the bright colorful ambience, full of legends and mysticism of its natural world.

Growing up in a family of academics, I developed a need to increase my intellectual and cultural boundaries pushing me to pursue inspiration and hone my skills in a wide range of artistic styles and mediums.

As a storyteller and artist, I seek the fantastic the bizarre and surreal as ways to explain life and provide social critique and reveal the threads that connect us all.

As I cement myself as a professional in the industry of animation and storytelling, it is my goal to seek work with a group of creative professionals where I can not only improve my skills as an artist but also explore new technologies and methodologies, always keeping an eye out for that next possible revolution in storytelling that will change the industry forever.

 All of which will be directed toward long term goals of working on projects that range from animated shorts to making a pitch for tv animated series or film.

3D animator / Story Artist

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